Kaschke Components GmbH

Kaschke Components GmbH

Since the company was founded 60 years ago, we have continued to expand our development and manufacturing expertise and provide our customers with tailored solutions, offering optimal performance in line with the ’design to cost’ principle.

From industrial electronics to automotive, medical and railway technology, our customers benefit from our design expertise, years of manufacturing experience, high quality standards and ‘just in time’ logistics – all in keeping with our slogan ‘We provide solutions’.


Kaschke Components GmbH


  • Kaschke Components GmbH produces a range of components that extends from miniature SMD chokes for medical devices to high-performance boost chokes for inverters used in contactless energy transfer systems of up to 240 KW

  • SMPS transformers for a wide range of topologies

  • Ultra-fine wire, Litz wire, edge wire winding and foil winding

  • Flexible and efficient production methods

  • Modern soldering and measuring equipment for maximum process stability

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