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GRUNER AG Components

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Ever since our company was founded in 1953 we have successfully tapped into new technologies and constantly developed them further. Today at our headquarters in Wehingen, Germany – and at our assembly plants in Serbia, Tunisia and India – we have a workforce of around 900 people. Our range of products and solutions covers the most diverse applications, in everything related to modern-day switching and actuating. Here we act as flexibly as a Slinky.

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Latching Relays for

  • Automotive

  • Automation & Drives

  • Building Automation

Main Applications of Gruner Latching Relays


  • Battery-Management 12V and 48V LiIon batteries
  • Energy-Management for 12V/24V on-board power net


  • Supply control switches for Smart Meters
  • Load control switches for ripple control receivers and smart meters


  • Motor protection relays
  • By-pass relays for soft-starters

Building Automation

  • Relays for lighting control
  • Relays for KNX actuators



Customised solenoids for

  • Security

  • Automotive mechatronics industries

Main Applications of Gruner Solenoids:

Customer specific solenoid solutions for Automotive, safety and industrial applications.

  • Automotive
    • Haptic Feedback (Touchscreens-/panels, Central controller units)
    • Various interior and exterior applications
  • Safety and Security
    • Entrance authorization systems
    • Actuator for safety switches in gas furnaces
  • Industrial and medical systems


Actuators for

  • Building Management

  • Fire and Smoke

  • VAV

Main Applications of Gruner Damper Actuators:


  • Actuators for standard HVAC systems
  • Range of torques from 5…40 Nm


  • Own developed flow sensor for pressure and air volume
  • Flow control
  • Broad range of torques
  • Unique controller for reduction of pressure losses and fan power

Fire and Smoke

  • Actuators for Fire protection and smoke extraction
  • Range of torques from 3…30 Nm



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